Broke Man’s Plan for Making money With Traffic Monsoon!

As you know, the Business Traffic Monsoon, has been around since 2014 and is a Revenue  Sharing Site, and Traffic Exchange!

To be Success to be to buy ad packs to be successful, and eventually use paid Traffic!

My Sponsor came up, with a simple plan to called, The Broke Man’s Plan for Making Money with Traffic Monsoon!




Rob Fraser is my sponsor for Traffic Monsoon, he came with a Broke Man’s or Lady’s Plan for making money from Traffic Monsoon!


The Traffic Monsoon  Plan!


1 Join Four Corners Alliance Group for $18.00, one time fee!

2. Lead Lightning costs only $7.00, no monthly fees!

3. Get your Four Corners affiliate link , and program it  into Lead Lightning!

4. Then advertise your for Lead Lightning on Traffic Monsoon!

5. Buy 10 ad packs, one ad packs costs $50.00!

6. Once you have 10 ad packs, then buy a new ad pack, once a Week, with profits you have made with Traffic Monsoon!

7. This is why following this Broke Man’s plan for for making money with Traffic Monsoon is so important!

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