Business Branding

What is Business Branding?


This is about separating, yourself, from other, Internet Marketers, the way they do business, online, can be, think only of themselves, seeing people, as a money machine, not as people.

You provide value, not just spam your affliate links out their, or those people,

online, who you have contact with them, say twice, by email, feel they can introduce you to their affiliate program,

or business, who don’t  bother, to find out, who you are as a person, or what type of business, you are in yourself.

Importance of Trust!


By seen as a Leader, in Internet Marketing, people will start to follow you,

This where you start to build yourself as the Brand, where people come to you,

to solve probems or need advice, on marketing on the internet.


Importance of Providing Value!


What is mean’t by value, when a potential prospect, gives you their

personal name, and email address, because they seemed interested, in your blog, or business opportunity, they expect something, of value in return.

This can be in the form of free, internet marketing training, a free ebooks,

or a free report on Facebook Marketing.

This type of marketing, is also known as Network Marketing, building

up your business, through personal relationships and trust.

They say in life, if you help people, get what they want, you be successful in

getting what you want, which is a successful online business.


Why Build Your Own Personal Brand?


What of the ways, people will take your more serious, is when you have your own BLOG.

Have your own squeeze pages,

By have your own website, you can provide value in the form of,

Blog Posts, on internet marketing topics for eg: article marketing, and facebook marketing.

If you are short of money, try these FREE BLOGGING PLATFORMS!


 Top 10 Free Blogging Platforms!



3. Blogger

4. TypePad Micro

5. Jux

6. Tumblr

7. Posterous Spaces

8. Blogetery

9. Weebly

10. LiveJournal














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