Creating an Effective Squeeze Page



Creating an Effective Squeeze Page !



A Squeeze Page is a Single Webpage, or usually found on a blog,  with  the Purpose of Capturing Vistor’s Contact Details, Email address or Phone Numbers, for folowing up marketing Strategies, with that person on a regular basis.  This is why Creating Effective Squeeze page, is helps toward marketing online.

Sometimes  the term squeeze page is, linked to the term landing page, however landing pages are often used for the sale of the a product or services.

Creating An effective squeeze page uses, infromation your visitors can relate to, and determines them buy your product, or service.

In addiion to persuasive copy, and these days more people are using videos on their squeeze pages, due to populairty, and the has the ability to establish peronal connection,  with your viewwers, and increases the time they aree on your squeeze pages and Google takes notice of this and for the page ranking!



Qualities of a Good Squeeze Page!


  • Geat headling
  • Sub-headline
  • Benefit Bullets
  • Use of Testimonals, both video, or written
  • Time limit of offer
  • Bonus Offers
  • Social Media Buttons


The most important part of having a option forms, squeeze pages, capture pages, landing pages, you can send a multiple sales messages over time, and develop a relationship, with prosects, or cross sell products, other products or services to them.

 One of the main goals of your squeeze pages to to obtain a visitor’s email address, keep the content on the squeeze pages to a bare minium, to avoid distractions for the user, which will cause them to leave your squeeze pages without obtaining their personal details. This is the for having an effective squeeze page.

One of the the ways to stand out from other internet marketers online is to create your own squeeze pages, with free offers of training, ebooks, advice to help them in their own online businesses. Because a lot of people online get tire of seeing affiliate squeeze pages all the time, they loose interest in what you are saying, and move on to the next business offer, instead of looking at what your are offering them.





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