Creating your own Squeeze Pages




 Why Create a Squeeze Page?


Creating your own squeeze pages is important  for online markers. A squeeze page is a single web page – usually housed on your own home business blog with the sole purpose of capturing your visitor’s coveted contact information (email address) for follow-up marketing.

As the name implies, you’re intention is to squeeze the information from them. I can almost hear it now: “Yeah, me and the boys put the squeeze on ’em. They coughed up the goods nice and easy like!”

(It’s not nearly as sinister as that – promise!)

Sometimes the term squeeze page is used interchangeably with landing page, however landing pages are often used for the sale of a product or service, including a pay button to complete a purchase.


An effective squeeze page uses verbiage and stories your visitors can identify with and relate to when making a buying decision.


In addition to persuasive copy, these days more and more people are utilizing video on squeeze pages due to it’s popularity and ability to establish personal connection with the viewer, plus it increases the time they’re engaged on the page. Google takes note of that for page rank.


Make It Easy For People To Find Your Squeeze Page


Don’t forget to use specific keyword text to improve your search engine rank and sign-up/opt-in conversions.


Designing your own Squeeze Pages


Since the #1 goal is to obtain the visitor’s email address, keep the content on your squeeze pages to a bare minimum to avoid distracting the user, thus causing them to navigate away from your page without leaving their information. (see examples at the end of this post)


Common features of quality squeeze pages include:

  • headline
  • sub-headline
  • benefit bullets
  • liberal use of testimonials, both video and written
  • scarcity (time limit of offer)
  • bonus incentives in exchange for their contact information
  • social media share buttons


The beauty of a squeeze page is that once you have a visitor’s email address, you have the opportunity to present them with multiple sales messages over time, develop a relationship, and even cross-sell other related products and services. So creating your own squeeze pages is important towords your online business.


Squeeze pages are often used in conjunction with an emai like , to begin delivering information as soon as the visitor confirms their email address.


Creating effective squeeze pages is now a much simpler process thanks to the development of special software that has been tested and optimized to improve conversion rates. Not only does the software help create squeeze pages and landing pages, it can also help with many other website tasks. It’s worth a look to see what they offer. Though there are quite a few popping up, my favorites are:


All the Best

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