Driving Traffic from Facebook to your blog


With well over a Billion users Facebook is your perfect gain an audience to what ever you have to offer. When looking for a cost-effective way to increase awareness of what you’re offering, your website, blog and to generate leads, Facebook is the way to go. But you must have an effective way of doing so. Just posting and spamming your links all over not only turns people off it can turn Facebook’s attention to you and get your account banned.

This has become a problem in Facebook  Marketing Groups, where it is just spam a link and join this business, when you don’t know that person, or trust them. Driving Traffic from Facebook to your blog.


 1. Facebook Pages Business or Fanpages


Like everything else it takes a little time to set up and your first step is to have an effective Facebook Page. If you have a business or blog that you want to drive traffic to, you don’t want to be using your Personal Facebook Profile to do it. You’re only going to annoy your friends constantly posting about your business and the name of the game is to attract people, not repel them.  Driving Traffic From Facebook to your blog, to increase your sale conversions is what your goal is here!


2. Be Proactive On Your  Facebook FanPages


You have to build your audience by knowing what they are looking for and engaging them. Be proactive on your Facebook Page by offering tips, information, and advice that’s relevant to your particular niche. Be consistent with your posting and post on a daily basis. You want to keep your audience engaged so don’t go days or weeks without posting on your Page.

Post helpful tips on your niche.
Post helpful articles or news about your business.
Post helpful videos. They don’t have to be yours but it will help establish you as a leader in the industry is they are.
Be mindful of when you’re posting and post frequently. You don’t want to be posting when your audience is away.



3. Use Images and Positive Affirmations


Posts with images get way more engagement than straight text ads. Use images that relate to your website or business. You can do a simple Google search to find images to download to your computer to use in your posts. This will help with driving Traffic from Facebook to your Blog.


4. Create Interest By Keeping Your Posts Short and interesting

Don’t write novels for posts. Create interest with your readers so that they want more by keeping your posts short and witty if possible. All the best

Bring excitment into your facebook posts to engage your followers, provide value, and good content, the people will eventually trust you, and dot business with you,

driving traffic from Facebook  to your blog.


All the best

Leo Spittes


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