A Review of EgomoneyAC


Egomoneyac” is a simple and at the same time effective and affordable program for everyone. The “Egomoneyac” uses a small and fast filling two stage 4×4 forced matrix system with instant “Member To Member” payments and massive spillover.

A “Member To Member” program means that payments are paid by the paying member directly to the receiving member. Money does not come to 4×4 Matrix and there are no admin fees. This means you are guaranteed payment for every purchase made by downline members placed under you. The only fees that are charged are those levied by the payment processors. When you make a payment you are purchasing banner and link advertising credits as shown

Once you have registered at “Egomoneyac” and have bought the first package (2000 credits) for $5, you automatically become a reseller of an “Advertising package 1”. Now you can promote your referral link and refer new members. Each of your 1st level referral pays you $ 5. You have to do some very little efforts to start earning income. Just invite your few friends to “Egomoneyac” and earn money when they join your team.

Every member can have only 4 downline members on their 1st tier. Any additional members sponsored by you, your upline or downline members are automatically placed by the system on the next open tier down in their team matrix and placed under another team member. This is called “spillover”. So, you can have a maximum of 16 members on your 2nd tier, 64 members on 3rd and 256 on 4th tier. Your tier 2 downline members are your potential buyers for “Advertsing Packs 2” and “6”. You also get payments from your team members on your tiers 3 and 4 as shown

Purchasing a higher membership level (advertising package) in the program you get an opportunity to sell higher advertising packs too! PLEASE NOTE: To be qualified for receiving of payments your membership level must be not less than your referrals are going to buy. For example if you have purchased a package #1 and # 2 only, and someone from your 3 tier referrals will buy an advertising package #3 (membership level 3) then YOU WILL PASS UP THIS PAYMENT. A member will earn $8788 by completing a stage 1. If you have good motivation and patience, you can increase this figure tenfold! It`s because a “Stage 2” provides our members more expensive advertising packages and, accordingly, a higher income. You can see how this review of Egomoneyac is important to advertise any online business.

Total, you can earn up to $96,668 with “EGOMONEYAC” system.


It`s simple. More advertising for your websites and huge income for you. The greater the better! For detailed explanation view our P”Payment structure” picture and a “Payment chart” table bellow.

The benefit is that the banners and text ads are shown on ALL pages of the website, which means your exposure is huge. You can advertise any product or program you wish, as long as it is legal and does not contravene our Terms and Conditions.



Egomoneyac - payplan

See our payment chart below:


Membership Level Referrals Service Cost
(paid instantly)
Total Earning

Stage 1

Level 1 4 $5 $20
Level 2 16 $8 $128
Level 3 64 $15 $960
Level 4 256 $30 $7680

Stage 2

Level 5 4 $50 $200
Level 6 16 $80 $1280
Level 7 64 $150 $9600
Level 8 256 $300 $76800
Total Income: $96,668

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