Joining the right MLM Opportunity


Joining the Right MLM Opportunity!


If you are new to the network marketing MLM opportunity, choosing the best MLM opportunity for you can be very daunting because of all the amazing variety the MLM industry offers. You might not even know the right questions to ask! I am going to share with you my nine top ways that you must take into consideration in order to separate the noise and find the best MLM opportunity to join for you. To help you avoid the pain of getting “all in” and spending your time, money and energy for the wrong reasons, let’s go over some things to consider, when joining the Right MLM Opportunity!


1. Has the MLM opportunity been in business for a minimum of 5 years?


This is so important. Did you know that 90% of all network marketing companies FAIL within two years? Dozens of new MLM companies appear each month. Would you want to be involved in a business that may not be around next month? Of course not.


2. Is the MLM Opportunity DEBT-FREE with solid financial backing?


How is their cash flow? Do they have the money to maintain a solid facility (if they manufacture their own products), to attract top-notch leadership and management, keep pace with technology, and pay commissions?

If they have a manufacturing facility, is it completely owned, free and clear, debt-free? How well-maintained is it?


Publicly traded companies are required to disclose their financial condition, so it’s easier to look up in detail. Private companies are not required to do so.


3. Is your MLM opportunity expanding worldwide?

Why limit your income because you can only do business in a few states or provinces, when some MLM companies have plans or are already expanded across the globe? Technology has made it possible to reach out worldwide, so building a worldwide business with potential worldwide income is very attractive. It would be great to know that that my cousin in Australia can be a customer or join my MLM opportunity.

Worldwide MLM opportunity with potential worldwide income is very attractive. Technology has made it possible to connect around the globe.


4. What competitive edge does the product or service have by the MLM opportunity, and is it reasonably priced?


Pay attention to this- one of the things that make MLM work is that there is something consumable that can be purchased over and over again, as an auto-purchase.

It needs to be a product or service that people will love, and is better than what they will find at their local retail store. Truth is, if you love and stand by the integrity of the products or service, your passion for your MLM opportunity will shine through, and it will be much easier for you to share your stories about your company. But the price point has to be affordable, otherwise, people will not be interested in buying it, no matter how good it is.

Some niches, such as health and wellness, have done well in network marketing. Again, do your research.

5. How fair is the MLM compensation plan?


Compensation plan of MLM Opportunity is not well understood by many new MLM people. Understand it before you jump in.


Do not skip this step! This is true- I did not really know the type of compensation plan of my previous two MLM opportunities until I researched and joined my third. For those new into the MLM profession, understanding the comp plan may be a bit complicated at first. Because of the variety of compensation plans, not knowing the type of compensation plan for your MLM opportunity can hurt you! But if you do your homework right, knowing the best compensation plan will charge your income, your business, and save you heaps of headache, and frustration! I wished I knew this when I first joined in the network marketing profession.

Some companies pay more on the front end and not much residuals, and vice versa.

Which comp plan does the MLM opportunity operate?

There are different kinds of MLM compensation plans, and hybrids of the following:

Unilevel– generally the simplest to understand. You to sponsor one line of distributors, so those you sponsor are in your frontline.

Stairstep Breakaway– somewhat similar with the Unilevel Plan in that each distributor is only allowed to sponsor one level of distributors in the frontline. However, there is opportunity to break away from your upline. Thus the original sponsor receives a small override commission from the breakaway (known as generation).

Binary a newer MLM comp model where you only recruit two frontline associates only have a left and right leg. The goal is balanced sales leg on both sides through recruiting and team building, and match sales point volumes each week for maximum profit. More complicated. And, based on my previous binary MLM experience, I won’t consider it in the future.

Matrix have a specific width and depth. Currently only about 10% of all MLM opportunities have this compensation plan.

Going into detail for each type of compensation plan would take up an entirely new post. However, the uni-level and breakaway pay structure have been around the longest, and the uni-level may be the simplest to understand. Do research on the pros and cons of each compensation plan, and know what which compensation plan your MLM opportunity falls into.


6. Determining the different Types of Payment Plans!

You may only be paid based on the sales of the weaker of the two sales leg. This is an example of a binary compensation plan. Here, you want the sales and volume of the business to be balances on both legs in order to receive the maximum profit. But what if one sales legs suddenly explodes with business? Will you be compensated for any of that volume?


7. Will you be compensated fairly for your hard work, sponsoring someone into your


MLM opportunity? 

There is a statistic somewhere that says that the majority of people in the MLM profession will sponsor less than three people in their entire MLM career with any MLM opportunity. So look for a company that will pay out 30% or more with fast starts on what is sold when sponsoring customers or representatives. Incentives from the beginning are important.


8. Do they offer excellent customer support, for your MLM opportunity?


Call customer support and make some inquiries. If you call customer support and nobody answers the phone, that’s not a good sign! If people can’t get their customer issues resolved, it creates a serious lack of credibility in people’s minds about the MLM company.And Joining the right MLM Opportunity!


9. Is your team and upline with the MLM opportunity successful?


Strong leadership is very important in your team, because it will filter down to a strong team which will build you an army of people in the business. If you are sponsored by someone who is not very experienced, keep reaching up to your upline until you find someone who is.

Check to see if your team offers presentations, training, upline support for 3-way calling and mentoring. The MLM opportunity may also have an online back office where you have access to trainings, recorded calls, videos and other resources. Keep learning from others with MLM success- that is highly important! Network marketing is a people business; expect to build lifelong relationships in the profession. Is the leader in your upline filled with integrity, who will return your call? Sadly, there are many stories out there of people who sponsor people in an MLM opportunity and never help out their own team. All they do is wait to see who will stick with the business! So, please, reach out to your teammates, learn from success stories and connect with your upline and see how the upline has been doing.


Does your team offer strong leadership? Presentations, training, upline support for 3-way calling, mentoring? Do you have an upline who will pick up their phone and return your call?


In closing: there are many factors to consider before choosing the MLM opportunity best for you and your family. If you are new to the MLM profession, you want to be educated and prepared so that you know going into the MLM profession what you need to be successful. Do not expect a get-rich quick scheme here. Think about being the leader you wish to be and think long-term. If there is any suspicion or doubt about the longevity or integrity of the MLM opportunity you are considering, it may be time to trust your gut and go elsewhere. Keep researching until you find the best MLM opportunity for you to thrive, and prosper. Then stay and don’t ever quit! Develop the skills you need to succeed in this business. Help as many people as you can along the way.  


 10. Top Ten MLM Companies

top Companies Popularity % Comparison Graph
Avon 7.00%
Advocare International 4.15%
Mary Kay Cosmetics 3.92%
Herbalife International 3.87%
Origami Owl 3.61%
Pampered Chef 3.56%
Thirty-One 3.21%
Amway 2.89%
Melaleuca 2.87%
Beachbody 2.82%


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