List Building Strategies

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It is important to have your own BLOG, with a autoresponder, and

have a free offer, for example: Free internet marketing training, “To Build your own email list”

Also use your own lead capture pages, instead of affiliate lead capture pages,

for your email marketing strategies. 

This will,  help you Standout from the crowd, to establish your own online.


List Building Strategies are important!


As a network marketer, they help build a email marketing list,

so you can develop a personal relationship with your subscribers.

So eventually they will trust you, over time, so you will be able to sell your

affiliate products to them.

By using these, List Building Strategies, I have talked about,

you will eventually, build a successful business online.

List of Professional Autoresponder Services:


1.   AWeber

2.   List Wire “A Free Service”


4.   GetResponse

Importance of Email Autoresponders:


  • Your keep in contact, with your personal subcriber list, on a daily basis.
  • You can do, follow up email campaigns.
  • Also produce, regular news letters.

Lead Capture Pages!


The importance of Lead Capture Pages, for your email marketing Strategies, cannot be underestimated


This why you need, to create your own capture pages, for you email marketing campaigns online.

Using the replicated captures, your network marketing company gives you,

it’s is okay to use them,

But you, really need to Brand yourself as a Leader, in the Network Marketing Industry,

to stand out, from the noise, and the crowd, of internet marketing.




1. Instant Squeeze Page Generator

2. Free Capture Page Creator

3. InstaPage: ‹ Free Landing Pages



Once you set up your lead captures, you will be able to build your list, quickly, and effectively.

You can see how, this process of of list building strategies, is important

to the success of your online business, over long  period of time.














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