Marketing on a Budget


Marketing on a Budget

When it comes to resources to build your business, how do you know what is available to you, and at what cost? I’m sure that is why you’re reading this page!

One of the most important concern,s you should have is staying within a budget. We can spend a fortune

on some of the marketing tools and systems, yet in reality we don’t have too.

Today, having a personal web site where, you can present your message, is paramount to your network marketing success, yet it is not the most critical thing, in guaranteeing your success.

Recent statistics have shown most that most people in network marketing, have found blogs, social marketing, to be effective in there low cost marketing strategies.

You can start with a static website such as the one here at, or you can build a blog site using WordPress or a few other open source software systems.

Static Site: For a static site you’ll need good reliable web hosting. Godaddy, and Yahoo offer solid reliable hosting service that won’t break the bank.

You will need some basic web authoring software. One that is Free, and works very well is called Nvu you can find it here, NVU the software rivals Front Page, and Dreamweaver. As you’ll find out there will be, a learning curve in this process.

WordPress offers free hosting for wordpress blogs, over at Then you can also download, WordPress, and upload it to your web hosting providers.

When it comes to building any business, you have to keep your attention focused, on what will actually make your business grow. If your going to skip the part about learning how to prospect, learning how to connect with people, then no one can really help you. This business is about Sales!

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