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I am going to share with you a slick little strategy I use to promote my blog and generate free MLM leads using Facebook groups.

I am going to provide you with step by step instructions, some do’s and don’ts, and a couple bonus strategies that will help you maximize your results.

So what is it? It’s pretty simple.

You know, we spend so much of our time learning strategies and then teaching our strategies through writing content and making videos for our blog; but do we spend enough time promoting our blog?

Of course we are sharing our content on Facebook and every social media site we can.

We’re emailing our posts to our list.

We are syndicating everywhere we can, but are you taking full advantage of Facebook?

This simple little strategy has the potential to get your message (hopefully daily message) in front of hundreds of thousands of people using Facebook groups.

Facebook currently lets you join up to 300 groups. Now of course you should start your own group as well, but go ahead and join 300 groups ASAP.

Now this is very important.

You need to join groups that are relevant to the information you are going to be sharing with the group.

You don’t want to share information about health products to an automobile group or something like that.

People don’t want to be spammed in their groups, and you face the risk of getting kicked out or even suspended by Facebook.

Some groups have specific rules in regards to what you can post and/or what you can promote.

If you target Network Marketing, MLM, home-based-business, or internet marketing groups you shouldn’t have too many challenges promoting your stuff.

How do we use Facebook groups to generate mlm leads?


After I crank out a rockin blog post I go into each group and post a link to my blog with a description of what my post is about. Once I make a post, I copy and paste into other groups.

I always make sure not to post in too many groups too fast. Facebook always has their spamming radar on and is ready to pounce.

Marketing Effectively in Facebook Groups, is the best way to build your online business.

What kind of results can I expect?


This is going to really depend on what you post.

If you are just putting a link to your squeeze page you probably shouldn’t expect very good results.

It is so important to lead with value.

People don’t want to be pitched a product or an opportunity.

They want something valuable that will help them solve a problem or provide some sort of pleasure.

For example: posting a link to a blog post on “the 5 best ways to promote your blog” or “3 key things Google is looking for when considering where to rank your page”.

To an online marketer, this is valuable. It solves their challenge of getting their blog in front of as many people as possible.

Again, providing quality content sells and produces much higher click-through rates.

It will require more effort on your part, but it will pay off.

I will do a case study and post a video showing how we use this strategy and the results I get.

For now, just go out and find some good groups and spend 15-20 minutes or so posting links to your blogs postings.


All the best

Leo Spittles

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