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MLM Attraction Marketing Strateges!


Your may say! what is MLM ATTRACTION MARKETING?

It is when you use Key Words, and Phrases, in your MLM Marketing, and It has been around for years about gaining a customer or prospect trust, before they buy a product or service from you.

You be become the hunted not the hunter!

A lot of Internet Gurus, say it is rubbish, but they usually, have about a 100 websites, advertising their products, and services, it is confusing! wouldn’t you say!

In my own words, and mind ATTRACTION MARKETING, is the Process of attracting people towards, your services or products, you are selling, or providing a professional manner.

People will start to take, you seriously, they start to notice, you on the Internet!

Also, a lot of Network Marketers, Internet Marketers, Social Media Marketers, and Affiliate Marketers forget, they just can’t spam people, about their products, or services all over the Internet.

People forget, the internet, is like going to a PARTY, if start pitching, your business opportunity, to them, they turn off what you are offering,  and send to your emails to the spam folders!

You have  to BUILD A RELATIONSHIP, WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS, AND PROSPECTS, before they buy a product or service from you, they say a prospect, usually, will see an opportunity, online 7 times before they purchase it.

When is comes to MLM ATTRACTION MARKETING, you must provide value in the form on decent content in your articles, blog posts, also give away free ebooks or free training, which could be how to market on facebook, or build a worpress blog, or video marketing, telling your prospects, on how to market on YOUTUBE!

You must be able to solve people problems, it could be lack of money, internet marketing training, or a career change, or the effects by being unemployed, or lost their jobs.


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