MLM Prospecting: Set the Appointment


Biggest challenges, for MOST network marketers, you want to sponsor more reps, you must first master how to set an appointment. This is the hardest thing for all network marketers is, to speak to prospects on the telephone!

 MLM Prospecting: How to Set an Appointment


The first key to getting, better at MLM prospecting, is the very initial inviting process. In network marketing you are NOT the one to constantly give the presentation, you, in most scenarios, are the one simply getting people to check out a resource.

This is where MOST people fumble because they either do

I don’t know what to say, or they simply say too much, especially when it comes to warm market. There is a slight difference, that I would suggest when you want to set an appointment, with someone from your cold market, and would than a cold market, approach for when you, want to set an appointment, with a potential prospect.

The people that sponsor the most people are the ones, that get the most people to watch the presentation. Those who get the most to watch the presentation, are the best at setting appointments. Conclusion is to get better at setting the appointment, follow up, and then you will recruit more people!

Don’t worry if you have blown this in the past, and closing as I used to do, also suck at inviting. You can always get better!

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