Is the Money Really in the List


Is the Money Really in the List!


If you have people, on your email list, when marketing to them, you must provide value, either a FREE EBOOKS, or free videos, and teach them to build a blog, or show them, some other marketing strategies!

The Big Mistake Internet Marketers make, is they treat their list, as a money treat ,

If you don’t  treat your list of subscribers, with respect, they will move on and find other marketers, that will, and help them to succeed online.

Building a Relationship with your Prospects!


This is often over looked marketers, you need to make money, but if you build a relationship with these people on your email list, treat them as a friend, over long period of time, then you can, put your business opportunity, in front of them, to look at, then they will decide to join you in it.

As you see in this video, how important it is building a relationship, with your list, and the money will come eventually! So the money is, Really in the list.



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