Placing Videos On Your Blog


Placing Videos on Your blog


Why Add Videos To Your BlogWhy add videos to your blog might be a question you are asking yourself?  Is it important to have videos in my blog post?  Will adding videos help with my blog’s SEO (search engine optimization)?

By now you probably already know that blogging is a way to build a presence online whether you are a small business owner, a independent contractor, a professional, a networks marketer, home based business owner, ect.    Through blogging you will be able to establish yourself as an authority, build a community of people that follow you and increase your presence on the internet.

If your haven’t already, you need to start adding videos to your blog.  If you are like a lot of people I know that blog you have probably thought of every reason in the world as to  why you have not posted videos to your blog.    I understand…this might be another step in your learning curve, you might be afraid to get in front of the camera, you just don’t have time….the excuses go on and on.  So let me explain, why add videos to your blog?


Videos Let You Express Yourself In  Different Ways

Sometimes the real you and the real voice of your blog comes through in videos where it might not in print.   Your enthusiasm and passionate can come across in a video.  You are talking directly to your audience and sometimes that creates a real connection.    Different readers will absorb and react to information differently.   Even when you write a blog post you might want to do a quick video that summarizes the post.   Time to become a star…grab a Flip camera, turn it on and talk to your readers.


Videos Can Effect How Your Audience Responds



People connect with you in different ways.  Videos change how your audience responds to you.   If you do your videos correctly, the audience will really feel you are talking directly to them and that can have a very powerful effect on them.    Actually hearing the words, watching your eyes, seeing your body language can create a personal connection.   Sometimes your audience can come to trust you sooner because they feel like they are getting to know the real you.  By placing videos on your blog.


Videos Are Another Way to Respond To Your Readers


Videos are a great way to create tutorials.   They let you show the audience step by step how something is done.   It could take you pages to write how to do something yet you can show someone the same thing in a video in less than a couple of minutes.   Again, sometimes it s good to do both.  Write the blog post, and add a video to it.


Videos Help You With Search Engine Optimization


The search engines really like videos.  They know that the readers love videos.  The audience tends to stay on your blog longer when there are videos for them to watch.   By hosting on YouTube, Vimeo and other online video sites you improve your ranking.   Videos will assist you in ranking against some of the larger sites.

Videos will also separate you from your competition. We all know that a picture is worth a 1000 words.  Videos magnify that phrase significantly!

Your videos should be relatively short and to the point.  Look into the camera, smile and just talk to your reader.

Are you using videos on your blog now?   Will you be adding videos to your blog?   Can you think of other reasons why you should add videos to your blog?

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