Recruiting Prospects

Recruiting Prospects into your Online Business!


Prospecting tips, One of the major fears, I see people have in the industry is the phone! It’s not uncommon especially for the new person to feel,  like the phone, leads to procrastination, and a business that is dead in the water.

I know because, I was there! I don’t really no anyone that did, not at some point have a fear of the phone!

In fact it’s so common, that it could very well be a huge contributor to the huge failure rate in our industry.

This is a topic is important to me, because I struggled tremendously, with picking up the phone myself.

Once I was able to overcome my fear, of the phone my business really began to take off! It wasn’t easy at first, and there was a lot of mind set issues, that I had to fix, which is normally the case for most people, but I know the tips I share with you will really help you if you suffer from phone phobia


Strategies of Recruiting Prospects!


We make things more complicated, most of the time and I have to tell you prospecting,  and you will, be really bad at this, before you, are really good at this, but really you do not need to explain anything about your company.

You only need to convey the message, that you are here to help, and then point, and direct to the perfect presentation every time. Via a company video, or whatever it is you use to present, your opportunity or program. If your unsure then ask your sponsor, or whom ever it is that helps, you what is the best presentation to send to people.

Just let them know you are really excited, about the opportunity you are going to share with them, and that they need to take it very seriously, because it could change their life. Put a sense of urgency on it! Then ask them when they would have a chance, to watch the presentation, and schedule a follow up with your sponsor.


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