Why Start a Email Marketing list



Building An Email Marketing List?



Why Build An Email Marketing List? Because it is life blood of your business whether your business is online or offline.   And,the earlier you begin to build your list the more and faster success your business will enjoy.It does not matter what kind of business you are in…you need an email list.   Whether you are a brick and mortar business,  an online marketer, a network marketer, etc.  You need a list.The most recent example I saw offline of someone building an email list was when I got my tires rotated the other day.  When I was checking out they asked if I want to get updates on their specials.  I said sure and they asked for my email address. 

Why Start A Email Marketing List?



There a numerous benefits you gain by building an email list.   The benefits of ‘Why Build An Email List?‘  include but are not limited to:



  • You can continue to bring people back to your blog:  Each time you write a blog post you can email it out to your list.  This will encourage your subscribers to continue to visit your blog over and over again.
  • You can promote to your list affiliate products:  You can share with your email subscribers affiliate products or services as long as they are congruent to your blog and your niche.  This is a great way to monetize your list.
  • You can promote products that you create:  As you create products you will have a ready made audience of subscribers you can share your products with.  If they are following you then this is a very viable option for you to monetize.
  • You can keep your audience advise of important events:   Whether the events are online or offline, you can be the person that keeps your subscribers updated.   You want your subscriber to feel that they can count on your to keep them informed.
  • You can create  ‘on demand’ traffic:  You will have the opportunity to direct you subscribers to Facebook, other sites, other offers, events, etc.  You can invite your list to go where you suggest, therefore, you can create traffic.
  • You can become the expert or authority:  By staying in touch with your subscriber and offering them information, ideas, solutions and resources, they will view you as the go to person.  You will be building trust and a relationship with your subscriber.



There are other benefits but you get the idea.  Why Build An Email List?  The answer is building and cultivating your email list can offer you long term opportunity.

Bottomline… Why Build An Email List?


Why Build An Email List?  Unless you are doing this as a hobby or running a not for profit business, then you are building your list in order to build your business.  Your list can become your biggest asset.

The first time I heard that my list could be my biggest asset I thought no way.  But, it didn’t take me long before I saw the potential to monetize the list if I provide good content and built a relationship with my subscriber and they saw that they could trust me and the advise I gave.

Next Step After Why Build An Email List?


The next step after answering the question Why build an email marketing list? Is how do I go about doing it?  Well the answer is you will need an autoresponder.  As your list grows and as you write more and more emails to your list you will need a way to automate at least part of the process and communication.


Now you know Why Build An Email List? and you have a way to partially automate the process…. so get started now in building your list!


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