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Lost Cost Budget Traffic Generation Solutions:


It is important,  Traffic Generation, for your  network marketing business:

a.  Article writing is a great start, this where you can post your article to different Article  Sites for free. this is where ,you put in website address, or link, back to your squeeze page, blog posts, articles, or different social media sites, like facebook, Twitter, or Lindekin, this where potential prospects, get to know you, and build trust over time.

b.  Video marketing is great, all your video conten,t goes viral all over the internet, with a link under, or next to your video, which has the potential to increase  traffic to your blog.

If you post videos, on your particular niche, Google likes this, if other people start posting

comments, below your videos,  your YouTube Channel rankings increase,

you start to get notice, you are seen as an Authority in your own online business circles.

Most importantly, include key words, for your video to increase blog rankings on google,

your key words,  are placed  in the title of the video, or the meta tags in the description, about your video content, and personal information, about your business. Remember “Without Traffic” no subcribers, no profits

Also Google has a free tool, Key Word Research Tool.


Video Sharing Sites:

1.     Vimeo

2.     MetaCafe

3.     Tubemogul

4.     DailyMotion

6.     Veoh

7.     Yahoo! Screen

8.     YouTube


These Traffic Generation Strategies,  are great, for creating leads, for your online business

Other forms of advertising, for your network marketing business, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, can include:

  •    Twitter
  •    Linkedin
  •    Facebook
  •    Safelists
  •    Classified Ads
  •    Myspace
  •    Video Marketing
  •    Blogging
  •    Tribe Marketing Groups
  •    Facebook Marketing Groups
  •    Google+
  •    Free Press Release Sites
  •    Posting Comments on Blogs, Videos
  •    Paid Advertising
  •    Pintrest
  •    Tumblir
  •     Web 2.0 Websites, for Creating your own blogs
  •     A bit more advanced, make your own videos, or e-books to sell.


I suggest, when you first start out online, learn one marketing technique.

Once you master it, and starting getting good results, in your online sales figures,

“only then”, move to the next marketing technique.














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