Feeder Matrix



What is Feeder Matrix?


Overview of Feeder Matrix 

1. Low Cost Start of $1.75

2. Affordiablity for the Average Person

3. 8 Levels to progress to for extra income steams

4. Resell rights on Ebooks and Giveaway rights for
making an extra income, and attracting prospects to
your Feeder Matrix Business

Feeder Matrix A 4 X 4 Matrix

The Feeder Matrixprogram uses a 4 X 4 forced matrix system.  What does that mean? In any matrix, there is a limited width and a defined depth. In a 4 x 4 matrix, for example, you can only have four distributors on your front line, and you will be paid commissions on four levels deep.

In a 4 x 4 matrix, you get placed on top of the structure with four positions directly under you (level 1). The four positions then branch off to form a total of 16 positions (level 2). It continues like this until the fourth level with 256 positions. There is a total of 340 positions when all positions in different levels are combined togehter.


Here is the official FeederMatrix Compensation Plan:

● Stage 1 ●
Give $1.75 – Get $1.75 x 4= $7 (Level 1)
Give $5 – Get $5 x 16= $80 (Level 2)
Give $10 – Get $10 x 64= $640 (Level 3)
Give $20 – Get $20 x 256= $5,120 (Level 4)

● Stage 2 ●
Give $40 – Get $40 x 4= $160 (Level 5)
Give $80 – Get $80 x 16= $1,280 (Level 6)
Give $160 – Get $160 x 64= $10,240 (Level 7)
Give $320 – Get $320 x 256= $81,920 (Level 8 )


Now, we can notice that the income drops down at level 5, why?!?

Simply because the system pays up to four level, then cycles back to the first person again. Basically the person who refers you gets paid a second time, simply for being in the upline. So, when your referrals get to level 5, you will be paid a second time $40 x 4.

What you need to keep in mind with FeederMatrix is to make sure 1) you sign up, 2) get your referrals, 3) help the people under you get referrals and 4) stay 1 or 2 levels ahead of the rest of your referrals. That way the system doesn’t skip you, you don’t miss a payment!

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Income Disclaimer!

The incomes Projected in Feeder Matrix are not guaranteed, it all depends on how hard each person, works to promote this program
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